Ray’s Sport Fishing Charters

Salmon, Halibut & Bottom Fish

We fish out of Tahsis inlet were we have the option of going out Nootka Sound or Esperenza sound.

Ray has been fishing the west coast from Kenai, Alaska – to Victoria, BC since 1978. I have found the fishing in this area to be the best all around fishing bar none on the west coast. The salmon highway that we regularly fish is known by every guide on the west coast. There is an abundance of feed for these fish and schools of fish from every river on the west coast pass by here on their migratory route during peak season June until September.

I suggest when booking to book for three days on the water. As we cannot predict the weather. The west coast can get rough and with a three day charter this allows us a good window to get to our fishing grounds.

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Our Season is May to September

We can also put together packages for March, April and May | Halibut, Ling Cod along with Prawn packages.

Tahsis Fish Processing

At Tahsis Fish Processing we fillet, portion, and freeze your catch while you enjoy the rest of your day. We provide air shipping services to Canada and the USA. Open up an account with us, and while you are fishing Tahsis waters, keep bringing us your catch and we will add it to your existing order. DFO limit regulations are followed. We are happy to keep your fish frozen until you are ready to ship them out or pick them up.

Custom Processing

For your convenience, we can meet you at the marina or you can bring your catch to us. (If you want us to meet you call us on your VHF radio). We will weigh and tag your catch immediately. Your catch will then be professionally filleted, portioned as per your request, packed in 4mm bags, vacuum sealed, and then frozen. (We can only receive gutted and bled fish.)


We can arrange to meet you anytime for pickup. We can also ship to your home address or to your local airport. Our airline approved shipping boxes include special insulated liners and gel ice packs. We can ship to any place in Canada as well as many places in the USA.

We use PUROLATOR as our courier service for shipping within CANADA and to the USA. Standard rates apply

Full Processing Package – $1.60/lb based on In-Weight: Cleaned & per DFO Regulations (size)
Includes: (pin bones in, most rib bones removed, fins on, collars removed)

  • Custom portioning
  • VACUUM-PAC 4mm (poly-nylon) freezer pouches
  • Freezing
  • Complimentary gel packs

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